What is biotechnology? Types, Scope, Career, and Risk

What is biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the branch of science which deals that gained popularity in the 1970s, a science that explores organisms, cells, and cellular components to develop new technology through various biological processes. Biotechnology proves very useful in the field of agriculture, medicine, industry, and environmental studies.

If I can explain in other easy words, biotechnology is that branch of science. In which substances are made using microorganisms or other organisms or diseases are diagnosed.

Biotechnology is being used in almost every field, in the purification of our environment and the medicines needed to fight new diseases, and many discoveries, biotechnology is available somewhere.

It is believed that biotechnology can save us from a terrible epidemic in the coming time, now how right is this and how much wrong we will find in the coming time.

Biotechnology is a technology that is not only limited to research in the laboratory, but it also has to produce various foodstuffs, medicines, and such species or seeds by using new technology through biological materials, plants, livestock, etc. 

In simple words, “living systems and organisms are used to develop or create a particular product or substance, it is called biotechnology.” 

What is biotechnology? Types, Scope, Career, and Risk

Scope and Importance of Biotechnology

Medical Biotechnology – Medical biotechnology is the use of living cells and other cell materials to improve the health of humans. Primarily, it is used for treatment as well as to relieve and prevent diseases.

Agricultural Biotechnology – Agricultural biotechnology focuses on developing genetically modified plants to increase crop yields or to present plant characteristics that provide them with the advantage of growing in those areas.

Industrial Biotechnology- It is the application of biotechnology for industrial purposes including industrial purposes. By applying modern molecular biology techniques, improves efficiency and reduces the versatile environmental effects of industrial processes including paper and pulp, chemical manufacturing, and textiles.

Environmental Biotechnology – It is a technology used in wastewater treatment and pollution prevention that can clean many wastes more efficiently than traditional methods 

What is the risk of biotechnology?

The rapid progress of research has also raised questions about the results of biotechnological advances. Biotechnology may carry more risk than other scientific fields. Biotechnology may prove to be the most harmful to harm through unintended consequences of biotechnology research or by purposeful manipulation of biology. 

Types of Biotechnology

Let us now discuss various categories in Biotechnology. Generally, there are four types of biotechnology which are described below.

  • Red Biotechnology
  • Green Biotechnology
  • White Biotechnology
  • Blue Biotechnology

Red Biotechnology

This technique is used for research in the field of medicine and to develop new drugs. stem cells to regenerate damaged human tissue.

Green Biotechnology

This technique is used in agriculture for the research and development of insect-resistant solutions. As part of Green Biotechnology, research activities are also conducted for disease-resistant animals.

White Biotechnology

This technology is used in the field of industry for research or the development of new chemicals or the development of new fuels for vehicles.

Blue Biotechnology

This technique is used in the field of marine and aquatic environments. So that new technologies can be researched and developed to control the spread of new-water animals.

Biotechnology Career

What is biotechnology? Types, Scope, Career, and Risk

Career in biotechnology

The laboratory has many fields such as research, medical, pharmaceutical companies, agriculture sector, biosciences, government and non-government research institutes where there is no shortage of employment for people studying biotechnology. At present, this sector is moving very fast and there is a possibility of many employment opportunities in this area in the future.

A good position, good name, and money can be earned by working in this field. You can work in positions like a lab technician, researcher, biotechnologist, scientist.

Salary: If you work in this field, then you have a very good income from the beginning, which can start from 40 thousand per month. You can also become a professor of biotechnology in college by doing courses like Ph.D. or you can earn a lot of money by running personal coaching etc. If seen, the possibilities in this area are immense, there is just a need to complete this course with complete dedication and hard work.

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