What are the natural sciences? Classification, and Branches3

What are the natural sciences?

  • Science is connected with nature. It deals with the events and objects of nature and the physical world. Science involves understanding, describing, and predicting natural phenomena using empirical and observational evidence. The scientific hypothesis should be viewed as a scientific theory to be scientifically tested.
  • The natural sciences can be broken down into two main branches known as life sciences (life sciences) and natural sciences. Biology is related to living organisms while physics is related to the physical world. Physics is divided into sub-branches including chemistry, physics, astronomy, and earth sciences. These branches can be further broken down into specific areas.
  • Science is one of the main categories of academic subjects chosen by students around the world. This branch of the natural sciences is often referred to as science or scientific study. Many popular professions such as doctors, nurses, engineers, geologists, astronomers, chemists, biologists, etc. require a knowledge of science.
  • Natural sciences (natural sciences, physical and natural sciences, or experimental sciences) are also subjects of study that are interested in understanding the laws governing nature, and they do according to the scientific method and experimental method.
  • This means that they try to study nature, rely on logical reasoning (borrowing tools from formal science), repetition in a controlled environment of naturally observed phenomena (experiments), and to some extent reflective Subject to be human.
  • Among the latter, they are distinguished by humanities and social sciences, as the latter focus their attention on culture and human society respectively. On the other hand, natural sciences are part of the basic sciences, that is, those that attempt to understand the fundamental laws of the known universe, and should not be confused with applied sciences or terrestrial sciences.
  • The ancient period of natural science can be traced back to ancient forms of philosophy and naturalism, although the ancient Greeks and Romans considered their observation of nature not on formal logic and measurement and experimentation. We have to wait till the 16th and 17th-century scientific revolutions for the concept of science because today we understand it with the invention of the scientific method.
What are the natural sciences? Classification, and Branches3

Classification and branches of natural science

There are six natural sciences classified according to the area of nature they deal with, although they have many areas of contact that give rise to many scientific disciplines.

In this way we can talk about:

Physical sciences. They deal with the fundamental laws of the perceivable universe. In this group are:

  • Astronomy. Study the celestial stars and the interactions between them.
  • Physical. Study the fundamental forces of the universe ( energy, space, time, etc.) and the laws that follow from them.
  • Geology. Study the Earth, our planet, as well as its formation and transformation processes.
  • Chemistry. Study the composition, structure, and reactions of matter.

Biological sciences. They deal with the fundamental laws of life as we know it. In this group are:

  • Biology. The study of living beings, their internal processes, their behavior, their origin, and evolution, as well as their interactions.
  • Paleontology. Study the distribution and evolution of life on earth before the appearance of the human species.
What are the natural sciences? Classification, and Branches3

Why is natural science important?

  • Natural science responds to man’s need to understand the world that surrounds him (even that which is within him), to later adapt to it or to suit his needs.
  • Without the development of these sciences, human history would have been more difficult, because technology, that great transforming factor, is directly attained by the theories, theories, and foundations that natural sciences discover, develop, and post.

What are the natural sciences? Classification, and Branches3


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