Best weight loss exercise |Weight loss exercise

Best weight loss exercise

Exercise is essential to your overall health. There is a link between good health and weight loss. When a person has a high body mass index, they are prone to many medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and other cardiovascular problems. Exercise becomes very important if you are trying to lose weight and want to stay fit and healthy.

Two important factors to consider when trying to lose weight are exercise and diet. A balance between the two is very important. If you are dieting and skipping exercise or exercising vigorously in your daily routine and not sticking to your diet, you will find that your body is behaving very differently.

In addition to weight loss, exercise also has many benefits. Exercise improves your mood, strengthens your bones, and reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. People put themselves out of training because they don’t have time to go to the gym or they can’t even afford to join a gym or personal trainers to guide them on their fitness journey.

Weight loss exercise

That’s why we’d like to suggest the 7 best and most popular exercise programs that you can practice at home and make yourself stronger, fitter, and healthier.

1. Aerobic exercise

Walking is considered to be one of the best weight loss exercises. Fast walking is a great exercise for burning calories. A training program that puts minimal stress on your joints and can be integrated into your everyday life.

According to several studies, a person weighing 70 kg burns about 167 calories in 30 minutes of walking at a speed of 6.4 kilometers per hour. It has also been observed that a person can reduce their body fat by an average of 1.5% and their waist circumference by 2.8 cm by walking for 50-70 minutes three times a week.

Jogging and running are considered the kings of weight loss exercises. These exercises are full-body exercises. It strengthens your legs and is very effective for belly fat. The main difference between running and jogging is speed. Jogging reaches 6 to 9 km / h and running around 10 km / h.

Running and jogging burn 372 calories per 30 minutes and 298 calories per 30 minutes, respectively. The combination of these 3 exercises will help improve your muscle strength and overall body weight to keep you fit and healthy.

Best weight loss exercise |Weight loss exercise

Exercise Pattern:

Take 1 hour and incorporate these exercises into your daily routine.

Start with 15 minutes of walking exercise.

Increase your speed and jog for the next 15 minutes.

Run at a steady speed increase for another 15 minutes.

Slow down and return to jogging for 10 minutes.

Relax your body, slow down your pace, and walk for 5 minutes.

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Best weight loss exercise |Weight loss exercise

2. jump rope

Skipping exercises are a full-body workout and help increase your muscle strength, metabolism, and burn tons of calories in a short amount of time.

Quitting exercises done regularly will bring peace and help reduce depression and anxiety. Exercise also increases your heart rate which results in faster pumping of blood throughout your body to keep your heart in better and health condition. This exercise takes care of your heart as well as your lungs by keeping them functioning and healthy.

Everyone has a specific body and that process gives different results. Losing weight is nothing but burning more calories than you consume and skipping will help you do that. This form of exercise burns around 1,300 calories per hour.

Best weight loss exercise |Weight loss exercise

Exercise Pattern:

Stand on a flat surface with your back straight.

Make sure your feet are together and pointing straight.

Place your hand near your thighs keeping it straight at the bottom.

Jump off the ground and let the rope pass under your feet and bring it back.

Repeat these steps and steadily increase your jumping speed.


Plank pose or plank exercise is one of the most effective full-body workouts. The biggest benefit of plank training is that it targets most of the body’s major muscle groups. It strengthens the muscles in your core, shoulder, arms, chest, back, and hips. Along with these benefits, plank exercises help burn the excess fats and calories from the body quickly.

A workout that seems simple and easy, but it’s quite strenuous and intense. The plank exercise is a great example that the longer you exercise, the better your results will be. You need to focus on holding your plank position for an extended period for quick and better results.

The plank exercise has different variations that target different muscle and body areas. Each variation is very helpful and improves your core strength, body balance, endurance, and posture.

Variations of the plank exercises:

Standard Plank: Also known as the Extended Arms Plank. This position is best for beginners looking to improve their core strength. This workout is great for improving metabolic activity and digestion. The forearm plank variant is a similar version of the extended arm plank. The target areas for this workout are your core, arms, shoulders, and back.

The Mountain Climbers: Plank is one of the most intense forms of training. A full-body workout that burns extra calories and fat for the body. The target areas for this workout are the biceps, hamstrings, core, triceps, and chest.

Exercise Pattern

  1. Get into a push-up or standard plank position.
  2. Now bend your right knee and pull it towards your chest.
  3. Push your right knee back to the starting position.
  4. Now bend your left knee and bring it towards your chest.
  5. push your left knee back to the starting position
  6. Repeat the above steps about 20-25 times.

The Reverse Plank: This is a variation on the Standard Planck, but is done in reverse. This workout is a great way to stretch your body. A workout that will reduce unnecessary fat and calories from your body. It helps strengthen your core, shoulder, back, chest, and glutes muscles.

Exercise pattern

  • Sit down and spread your legs in front of you.
  • Put your hands behind your hips to support your torso.
  • Now, while straightening your arms, raise your hips and make a straight line with your body.
  • Remain in this position for 40-60 seconds.
  • Repeat these steps and methods about 20-30 times.

4. Pushups and pull ups

Best weight loss exercise |Weight loss exercise

Pushups are one of the most popular exercises and a workout that can be done anytime, anywhere, by anyone. Pushups are very useful for weight loss as they lift your body off the floor and release energy that burns calories.

Push-ups are great because they burn calories quickly and help you focus on the bigger muscles in your upper body. Push-up workouts also focus on the chest, shoulders, back, biceps, and triceps. Push-up exercises also strengthen your core muscles and make your body physically stable and healthy.

Pushups help build lean muscles in your chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. If you do push-ups for weeks, months, or even years, you will build a large amount of muscle and your body will have to use its own calories to maintain your muscle mass.

Best weight loss exercise |Weight loss exercise

Exercise pattern

  1. Pay attention to non-slip and flat surfaces.
  2. Keep your hands forward and slightly wider than the width of your shoulders.
  3. Put your feet together or slightly apart in a comfortable position. First of all, you can keep your feet apart until you find the right balance.
  4. Now tilt your shoulders towards the floor as far as possible and then push your arms back and straighten them.
  5. Repeat these steps for 15 reps and 3 sets.

Pull-ups focus on multiple muscle groups that burn more calories because multiple muscles such as biceps, triceps, back, and core are working at the same time. This workout can help you get in shape, increase your fat burning, and increase your metabolism. It takes around 15 muscles to do a chin-up, and the main muscles are your lats and biceps.

According to the study, you burn about 10 calories per minute doing pull-ups. It’s recommended that you get at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise every week, as cardio is one of the best ways to burn calories.

Exercise pattern

  1. Stand up straight and hold the chin-up bar with your arms outstretched.
  2. Now bend your knees and pull yourself up until your chin leaves the bar.
  3. Slowly come back to your starting position.
  4. Repeat these steps for 15 reps and 4 sets.

5. Squats

Squats are known as muscle strengthening exercises. The main purpose of this exercise is to improve the lower part of the body. Squats help burn calories and prevent fat from building up in the lower part of the body. This exercise will help improve your flexibility and balance. A beginner should aim for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions of at least one type of squat for better results.

Exercise Pattern:

  1. Stand up straight, feet wider than hip width, toes pointing forward.
  2. Bend your knees and ankles and push your hips back.
  3. Sit in a squatting position with your ankles and toes on the floor.
  4. Bend your knees to a 90-degree angle and keep yourself parallel to the floor.
  5. Squeeze your ankles, straighten your legs, and return to the standing position.

7. Yoga

Yoga, a 5000-year-old transcription, is an effective therapy for weight loss. It is believed to have been developed by sages and brahmins and to have 5 basic principles: exercise, diet, breathing, relaxation, and meditation.

The combination of yoga and healthy eating is beneficial as it helps in weight loss and keeps the body and mind healthy. It also improves your mindfulness and connection with your body.

Best weight loss exercise |Weight loss exercise

With weight loss as a benefit, yoga has other benefits such as:

  1. better cardio health
  2. Increase in muscle tone
  3. balanced metabolism
  4. better breathing
  5. increased flexibility
  6. coping with stress
Best weight loss exercise |Weight loss exercise

Yoga postures are an essential part of weight loss. Yoga mainly focuses on improving concentration and building your muscle tone. Your body should get used to these asanas to get the maximum benefit from yoga.

Best weight loss exercise |Weight loss exercise

Best Exercise

Best weight loss exercise |Weight loss exercise

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